Pension Kersic    

House Mate
Pension Kersic

• Accommodation is available from 12.00 h on the day of arrival until 8.00 h on the day of departure.

• Hand over your identity documents to the host immediately upon arrival for registration at the Tourist office.

• Alweys lock the doors. When you are going out be sure to shut the doors and windows, close sunshades, switch off the lights and all electical devices and turn off the taps.

• Guests themselves are responsible for their personal property and valuables left int he apartments and the apartment owner is not responsible for them.

• Air-conditioning should work only when you are inside, with closed windows and doors. Otherwise, you will be obligated to pay extra 5,00€/day.

• Destruction of equipment and furniture is prohibited. In the event of the damage occured due to the fault of the guest, the guest is obligated to compensate the corresponding equivalent value.

• It is expressly forbidden to make loud noice in the time between 14.00 to 16.00h and from 23.00 to 07.00 h.

• Please, don't push the table and chairs on the balcony or int he flat. Take them by hands and move it, if it is necessary.

• Blankets and mattress can only be used in bedrooms.

• Guests themselves are responsible for moving out trash in the plastic bags and putting it into the black bin at the end oft he street's stairs. Also take the tresh from the beach with you. Don't leave it there, please!

• Don't waste water, if it is unnecessary!

• Please, take care about your children, to have a control what they do on the beach.

• In the event of disregard of the house rules, the host has the right to refuse futher providing of services.

We wish you a pleasent stay in our house!

The family Miletic, „Haus Mate“, Pisak

contact person:

Lidija Ercegovic


Zapadna ulica 3
HR-21318 Pisak


+385(0)21 378 463
  +385(0)21 878 309
+385(0)95 913 58 48

House Mate

House Mate

Pension Kersic