VisiMedia vas founded 1996 to provide strategic IT support for rapidly growing tourism and entrepreneurship sector in Croatia. We’re internet & new media company which is primary mission to inspire, educate and create outstanding internet solutions for our clients.

* What’s our goal:
Our goal is to enhance potential of our society by understanding new technology and media. Educating our clients with influences of new technologies we increasing business potential of our society. We create solutions through interactive educational process.

*What’s our approach?
Our approach is based on clients need, wishes goals etc. We’re client friendly company, every solutions is unique case because of our individual approach to our clients. Quality instead of quantity.

* What’s our process?

1st stage: Market Analysis
Research on: intended audiences, short and long-term goals of web site, company mission

2nd stage: Usability Study
Defining requirements: site contents, organization, functionality, architecture

3rd stage: Prototype
Creating visual design based on site structure, corporate identity, target audience, clients needs. Interactive process.

4th stage: Production
Transforming prototype (sketch) to web optimised graphics

5th: Publishing
Web site is going live, and anyone can reach it. Your got your web presence.

6th: Promotion
Serch engine optimisation & submitting

7th: Technical Support
We providing technical support for our clients on all areas, live, phone, mail